Here you sit again. It’s Sunday morning, and you’re listening to the Pastor drone on his usual feel good message, while he stands behind the pulpit, with an almost plastic smile. It’s something about how, if you would just give a little more money to the church, that seed will turn into that new convertible you want. 

 That’s when you suddenly realize, “I don’t want a convertible.” What? Of course you want a convertible. You also want a successful business, children that are at the top of their class, and all of the other material possessions that the modern mainstream church tells you are the fruit of a successful Christian’s life. All of the country’s mega churches preach this. If you just give enough money, believe in yourself enough, and accept the actions and lifestyle of everyone else, without judgement, you will have a happy life. 

 Isn’t that what Jesus taught? Love, love, love, and don’t judge. Right? Then why do you still feel empty? Why do you still feel something is not right? Why do you still not feel or see the power of God in your life? You look around and see that most everyone else seems happy and content with everything that is going on. Everyone else seems to have it all together. Everything the pastor has been preaching seems to have worked for everyone else. They seem content. But you’re not. This is what you have always known. Ever since you were five years old and walked down the aisle during the altar call, and asked Jesus into your heart, this is how it has always been. But something never seemed right. 

 You would go to Sunday School every week, go to church on Wednesday night and Sunday morning, and live the way everyone else in your church was living. But something never quite added up. You were no Bible scholar, but you had read quite a bit of the Holy Scripture throughout different times in your life, and it always bothered you how the lives of the faithful believers in Scripture never looked even remotely similar to your life, or the lives of all of the other so called “good Christians” you had grown up surrounded by.  

 You have even been taught that this country was founded as a Christian nation. All of the founding fathers were Christian, and wanted a place where all Christians could worship God without persecution, right? Then why has everything and everybody in this country gone to the proverbial “hell?” Why do things seem to be continually getting worse? Why does nothing seem to be getting better? Why does the church not seem to have any power? Why can’t the modern church be like the church in the book of Acts?

 Every time you ask any of these questions, the answer you get is that you just have to “take it on faith.” 

 Maybe I am not praying enough. Maybe I am not giving enough money to the church. Maybe I am not doing with my life what God wants me to do. So you start questioning everything. You even start questioning your faith. Is this what Christianity is? Is this what the Gospel is? If the Christian faith is supposed to be the only true faith, and the answer to all of the world’s woes, then why do you still feel so empty? There has to be more than this. Doesn’t there?


 You know, deep down in your gut, that something is missing. It’s like there is this little piece of the puzzle that is missing. Sometimes you hear someone preach or read a passage in a book, where you feel like you almost have it. But every time it is so close you can taste it, it somehow slips away. And yet, with all this disappointment and frustration, you continue to attend church Sunday after Sunday, because you know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that He died on the Cross for the sins of mankind, and that He is the only way to achieve salvation. You know this is truth, yet you have the distinct feeling that you haven’t been told the complete truth. 

 What is the Truth? 

 Why does the mainstream church appear to be flourishing, yet this country and the world seem to be moving farther and farther away from God?

 Why haven’t you found any peace in the way you have been practicing your faith? 

 Why does the modern church look nothing like the church in the book of Acts?

 You are not alone. Far from it. In fact, you are asking the same question that believers have been asking since the founding of the Roman Catholic Church by Emperor Constantine about 1700 years ago. Many men and groups of believers have attempted to answer this question throughout history since around 300 years after the resurrection of our Lord. Fortunately, we are blessed enough to live in an age of information, and Yahweh is waking up His Remnant in droves all over the world and revealing the Truth to them in His Word with no preconceived notions and without lenses tainted by philosophical materialism. 

That is what this blog is all about. I hope, that in writing this, others might wake up, and decide to come out of Babylon and join the resistance.