Zombies. Everyone in our society seems to be obsessed with them these days. And I will admit, I am just as guilty as the next guy. For the first four seasons of the AMC series “The Walking Dead,” I didn’t miss a single episode. Every week, all my friends and I would meet together in one of the guys living room and watch every gory detail on a 70″ flat screen with surround sound. Every single intense moment of the show was amplified by the collective scream of all of the people sitting around me. It was amazing. 

 Up until I started watching that show with my friends, I did not know it was possible to become that emotionally invested in a television show. 

 I will never forget the night we watched the episode where Lori, the wife of the main character Rick, was killed in a botched c-section, which left her son Carl having to shoot his own mother in the head in order to prevent her from becoming one of the undead. The smoke was just starting to clear from an intense battle sequence that had just ocurred moments earlier. Things were finally starting to calm down, when suddenly Rick, our six-gun shooting hero, looks up to see his son carrying his now newborn daughter with no mother in tow behind him. At that moment it hits him; Rick realizes that not only had his wife died, but his own son had been forced to fire the bullet that ended her. I remember nearly losing it in front of my buddies. I remember going home that night and telling my wife that I thought I probably needed to take a break from the show. 

 Everyone for the last couple of years have just been absolutely zombie crazy. Why? What is it about watching hordes of undead ghouls ambling around trying to find their next meal? 

 Is it because they used to be us?

 Something finally ocurred to me. Everyone in this country is obsessed with watching hordes of mindless consumers thoughtlessly wonder around destroying and ravaging everything that happens to get in their way; constantly spreading their way of living to anyone they encounter. Could it be, that we have become engrossed and obsessed with some kind of sick and twisted sattire of what we the American people have become ourselves? The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced.

 Should this modern zombie craze cause all of us to take a deep look inward? Maybe so?